King George Bush and the reign of error!!!

                      “This nation is at war with Islamic fascists.”

A statement made by George W. Bush, after news broke of a foiled plan to detonate explosives aboard American airliners leaving Britain.

Just another example of the contentious and aggresive style in every area of the American political landscape today. Bush and the Republican led legislative and judicial branches of government collectively present as contentious, confrontational and arrogant.. to the extent that many, such as I, feel so alienated from true safety and reason as to experience life in America as  an exile in the land of my birth. And I am certain  it will follow that some responders to this blog will include a fair number of the intolerant who will decry me as unpatriotic.

The above statement by king George serves several purposes: 1. it further polarizes and enhances the resolve of those who find America a land of infidels. 2. provides fodder for their press and news outlets to promote their agenda against us 3. presents powerful words we will no doubt choke on in the future.

I do not overlook the intent of the potential perpertrators of the acts of which he speaks, but rather than firing, in true cowboy style, from the hip, I would have liked for him 1. to seek, privately if need be, to understand the nature of of their anamosity against us (and please no more of this “they hate us for our freedom”…cause we don’t have it anymore, not that we ever really did… just ask some African-Americans and politically conscious women for that matter. 2. that Bush (his speech writers) would have crafted a serious and intelligent response without the arrogance and antagonism with at least some presumption of civility. And 3. for the reason that America would present to the world as a nation committed to the well being of humankind, a benevolent giant and a leader of biblical (think Moses) proportions. Instead we get this anatogonistic little bully who clearly does not grasp basic  definitions such as the difference between “uniter” and “divider”.


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