More Va Republican Dirty Tricks!

Posted Oct 13th 2006 8:28AM by David Knowles
Filed under: Virginia Senate, Republicans, Media

After a rather bumpy autumn on the campaign trail, the brain trust behind Virginia’s George Allen has come up with an ingenious strategy to retain “the Man Who Won’t be President’s” Senate seat. It’s elegant, really. So simple you wonder why they didn’t think of it sooner.

“The Allen campaign used the technique last week, when staffers hastily called a news conference with Allen and Republican Sen. John W. Warner to respond to an earlier Webb news conference about the failures of the Iraq War. The result: Allen was asked a handful of questions, and reporters were not permitted to ask follow-up questions. The phones of reporters who the campaign believed would ask tough questions were simply kept mute the entire time.” — Washington Post

Bravo! That’s called knowing your weaknesses, and talking too much is certainly one of Mr. Allen’s. Best to button that lip as much as possible for the duration of the campaign. Actually, wait a minute. If you think of it that way, then maybe he’s presidential material after all. Full article here.


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