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The Bush Administration – The Assault on Truth

Posted in Bush Watch on May 1, 2007 by americanexile

The list of misinformation, fradulently spun details, intentional falsehoods, and flagrant lies (and I hate that word) continues to grow as the Congressional Committe on Oversight and Government Reform continues to crankout before the American public the impeachable acts and crimes aginst humanity committed by the 43 president of the United States of America, George Walker Bush. 

Let me start a list to post here:

1. false claims that somehow Iraq and Saddam Hussein were connected to the 911 attacks.

2. Saddam Hussein was buying “yellow cake” from Niger for enrichment to make nuclear weapons.

3. The Downing Street Memo which  revealed the US administration was “fixing the  facts to fit the politics” about invading Iraq.

4. The Jessica Lynch fiasco which she is clearly embarassed about.

5. The coverup in the deaths of  soldier McCaffrey (son fo Nadia McCaffery) in Iraq, and Pat Tillman in Afghanistan.

All of which have resulted in the deaths of 3,300 combat deaths, 35,000 or more injured, $1 trillion of lost treasure and a world fiasco of epic proportion  with no end in sight. 

Now the lame brain wants to protect Paul Wolfowitz of the world bank who has taken cronieism to a new height by promoting his courtesan in rank and pay. And let us not forget the ongoing protection of another disfunctional, Alberto Gonzales.  Did you see his testimony? The ultimate ” I’ll have to get back to you on that” guy!! 

All of this (and there is so much more) and why I remain an exile in the land of my birth.  Where have all the true patriots gone??? Have they exiled just like me???  more later!!!!