Barack for President and Hillary for Chief Justice

In light of the Obama nomination I reflect on the political career of Hillary Rodham Clinton. Some think this is the end of the line for her, others predict she will try again in four years especially if Obama’s administration falters. I believe there is a silver lining in this small cloud. Another venue to serve seems obvious to me if she wishes to accept the assignment, and that is a seat on the US Supreme court with the idea that when the current chief leaves she will move forward as Chief Justice. In my opinion this is the absolute best and brightest venue for a person of her talent, range, depth and intellect. She has surely been more than adequately vetted, and is a lawyer and with unprecidented political savy as well as vast legislative experience, a substative prerequisite for such a position. And the icing on the cake is twofold…. she will 1. offset the groteque imbalance of the Thomas and Scalia justices and more than heal the hearts and minds of the millions of disappointed supporters who continue to recover from the effects of disenfranchisement of the Obama nomination. And I like Obama..he has my vote!!!
So, hail to the chief (Obama) and hail to the chief justice(Clinton)!!!!


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