Sarah Palin –

Sarah Palin – John!!! What were you thinking??? Or better, were you thinking at all? Certainly Sarah Palin is a very impressive woman, quite a looker, has the resources to welcome a Down’s child without hesitation to her family. But as for possibly becoming second in command of our country..well she clearly is not qualified!! I suppose if your only interests are abortion and gay marriage well then she can do the Republican party’s bidding on that. But gee! in the larger scheme of things these issues are not even on the radar of those of us who are even minimally capable of critical thinking! Lets take the family values issue. She actively, as governor of Alaska, opposed sex education in the public schools of Alaska. She espoused abstinence as a practice or as an answer for the out of control teen sex/VD epidemic our country is experiencing. And how I hate to rail about her daughter’s out of wedlock
teen pregnancy, but gee Sarah you got your tit caught in a wringer on that one!! This entire issue is so-o-o-o disturbing to freedom loving Americans because Ms. Palin probably will not stop her authoritarian agenda of expanding this belief into laws that affects all Americans!! So where are the hallmarks of freedom in that? Where is the dimunition of big government/big brother the Republican/ social conservative/evangelicals preach on and on about?? Sounds as controling and misoginist as the Talibans drive to dehumanize muslim women. I know I have been shipped to another planet. And abortion. Again it is fortunate Ms. Palin has the resources to support a Downs child. Good for her..but she is clearly the exception and not the rule. Many women find , indeed many families find they are incapable for reasons ranging from poverty to mental and physical illness to support at any level a Down’s syndrome child … the immediately after birth care is manageable … for a while..but in time the burdon becomes far too great. Many times the child looses through benign neglect and the family looses through dispropotionate allocation of resources or parental abandonment.. at least one parent, usually the dad.
Not to be ignored.. when this offspring is an adult and if an unfortunate reversal of fortune occurs what then happens to this person?? A nursing home? An institution for the retarded, where risk is high he will be abused, mistreated, neglected..harmed in a way no person should be? So this leads to the so called “life” issue. It is a freakish twist of logic to oppose abortion for all, find sport in slaughtering moose and bears (all active killing), cheering her son off to war when he will be paid a wage to kill other humans, a form of sanctioned murder and in the same breath call yourself a pro life political candidate. Wha-a-a-a? AND this does not address the issue of the biblical conflict of Christian values stated in the commandment from God of “Thou shalt not kill!!”.. Period! God states no exceptions. (This 800 pound gorilla has been sitting on my shoulders for a life time!!!).
Ms. Palin is also the babe who rejects the clear science of global warming. Does she have a thought disorder??? Anyway she strongly supports drilling for oil in Alaskan wildlife preserves along w/ off shore drilling well within the currently enviornmentally restricted shorelines of the US. She sued the Bush administration for declaring the polar bear and endangered species caused by the loss of the animals habitat, the rapidly melting polar icecaps. She felt this act was an endorsement that the polar caps were actually melting which may just back into the reality of global warming which may then back into excessive carbon emmissions being belched from oil burning industrial plants and the millions of cars on the roads today.
And speaking of science, she rejects evolution and wants creationism ( her Christian type) to be taught in the public schools of Alaska and as governor she has strongly pushed that agenda.
This moves us to her stand on gay marriage. She opposes it of course. And why??? Well she must assume it is unchristian. Clearly she chooses to ignore the constitutional issue of equal do many of her ilk.
Now there is the issue of her using her office as governor to force the firing of a state officials for his mishandling of her sisters soon to be ex-husband. From facts garnered from a lengthy article in the Washington Post I am very aligned with her rage over her sister’s ex-husband behavior, the frustration she experienced with the commssioner who grossly mishandled the case (the one she later fired) and in my heart I am sorry this stroy is being showcased against her. BUT she should have been less bullish about it…. but I can relate on this one. Also the pregnant daughter… wow!! too bad!!! Such a nice appearing kid….but what about sex education here…… Sarah, not Bristol need to be hammered on this one. The Dems should not let this one go!!! Sex education is far reaching interms of prevention of 1. pregnancy 2. teen sexual exploitation 3. veneral diseases such as chlamydia, syphillus, gonnorhae, HIV, herpes, Hep B and C, all dreadful diseases. 4. Also not to be forgotton are the links between sex (prostitution) and drug addiction. This list can certainly be added to.
It is worth stating again Sarah Palin is no slouch. I do admire her guts. BUT the 800 lb gorilla remains firmly ensconced in the room. On the national political scene she is a scant featherweight. More later after I hear her speech tonight.!!!


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