9/11 Remembered- or Black Dawn, Bright Day!!

This morning before the glint of dawn rose above the treetops in my back yard I sat in peaceful silence gazing into the black night soon to dissolve away just as the towers, flight 93 and a portion of the US Pentagon did seven years ago. I am reminded these many years later of how those events galvinized our nation in a union that only Americans can form. We gatherd as a united front in solidarity to defend our nation with every ounce of fortitude and strength we could munster, and provided our leaders an opportunity to spearhead that march to triumph ..and in the days, weeks and months to come we’d use the great talents and gifts of intellect, strength and technology to balance the karmic forces with the creators of this tragedy. I looked to our new president and believed deeply he’d rise to the challenge, that he’d provide the leadership to go forth, heading directly into the wind and tack fluidly to overcome and make our nation even stronger and yes, mightier, not in the style of “the show off, look at me” but rather as a quiet and yet shining example of integrity! Alas, my trust has been greviously misplaced. And today I ponder in the darkness the folly of my feelings and hopes I was so sure of 7 years back.
This morning the blackness of night is like a black hole in the universe. The little man that I looked up to in those dark days after 9/11 has since been led by tyrannical authoritarian religious forces that have thrown our nation into unprecedented turmoil, divisiveness and global vilification. I could rail against the plethora of injustices, headed by the greed, falsehoods and ignorance not only initiated by this man but supported by his administration and about half of all Americans. Instead of a nation more firmly united and tolerant of our differences I find bullies in the pulpit, on national podiums, on nightly television and running for political office. They represent to me the very lowest level of political character to the extent of openly committing crimes against humanity. It is all about winning. Winning, even if in the process we give up our souls for profit. I wish I could believe and say those who so defile our nation’s integrity are evil or even bad people. But they are not! They are my neighbors, many members my client base, some of my longest and dearest friends, and nationally, John McCain, Sarah Palin, Laura Bush, Bill O’Reilly, (a man who I personally detest)!!
I fantasize about the myriad of “politically incorrect” bombs I, the media and Democratic candidates could lob at the Republican side of our leaders, pseudo champions and supporters citing it is okay since they dismiss out of hand any hint of “politcal correctness” as a sham political tactic and infringement on freedom of speech. It should not hurt their feelings!
So as I sit here feeling defeated, already I shift my thoughts to more personal issues and the day ahead. Why did the cat shit on the carpet in our music room? Why is our oldest child in such a crappy mood? Why has our youngest child been so sad lately? What’s in the house to make dinner with tonight? Who is on my schedule today? How is baby Aiden doing? But these thoughts do not linger. Within minutes I am back to the blind stare into the gray light of dawn. Dare I have the audacity to hope we all can be rejoined again? Can we rise above this overpowering adversity of spirit we have inflicted on ourselves? Can we once more have joy in the morning?
The sun rises and the light reveals the trees more distinctly, the deep and verdant hue of robust life fades in. The old Native Indian prophecy comes to mind….. “The second millieum, just before the return of the Quetsal, will arrive as a black dawn followed by a bright day”. Yes! I have the audacity to hope! AmericanExile Sept 11, 2008.


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