America’s Greatness-Based on Liberal Ideas

At the risk of plagiarizing I am copying the following statement from a blog I stumbled across and lost the source.. but here it is.. It says so much!!!!
“Next time you bash liberals, read a history book. Everything that makes this country a [great] place to live was originally a liberal idea. Social Security is a liberal idea. Unemployment insurance is a liberal idea. Open access to courts is a liberal idea. The forty-hour work week, liberal idea. Child labor laws, a liberal idea. Both of which, by the way, the conservatives of the day thought would destroy the economy. Public education is a liberal idea. Public libraries, liberal idea. Laws against monopolies, a liberal idea. The Freedom of Information Act is a liberal idea. The list goes on. All I hear from the Rush Limbaugh crowd is how all these liberal ideas have destroyed the country or are destroying the country, but the fact that he can shoot his fat mouth off on a public medium is itself a liberal idea. Look it up, it’s called the First Amendment!”

I’d like to expand on this theme a bit. I was born in 1943 and grew up in the rural Virginia. 11 years after my birth the very liberal idea called desegregation of public schools was brought from idea to reality with the US supreme court ruling in 1954. I stood by as an 11 year old child in stark amazement at the rants of the conservative segregationist who boldly procalaimed there would be black on white rape of women, black boys pinching white girls in private places at school. That if God intended for blacks a white to be mixed God would have made everyone the same color. In other words desegregation was immoral. Now is the cry for equality for allowing gay marriage and I hear the same shit being chanted by the conservative sector. Straights will be hit up on, children will be molested by “queers”, that the “gay agenda” will prevail. Just what is the gay agenda anyway???? My interpretation is that straight white males are simply projecting their “stuff” onto the gays. It is straight white males (95%) who molest children (Catholic priest debacle), hit up on women in the most inappropriate ways, any time, any day, any place, any way from flashing to tit groping. They further advance their agenda (straight white men) buy using positions of power to make inapproriate advances on women and children. Bill O’Reilly is a case and point. He actually had a lawsuit filed against him for inappropriate, uninvited sexual advances on the female producer of his show..(settled out of court to avoid the negative publicity of a trial). So I suppose if SWM assume evryone is like them then all their fears will be realized.
Enough already!!!! I salute the writer of this blog because the ignorance in this nation is beyond pathetic. NACAR, football and beer rule! How did we get to be so stupid? A recent survey of high school graduates revealed that 74% didn’t know France was a country and 60% thought Spain was in South America! What?????


One Response to “America’s Greatness-Based on Liberal Ideas”

  1. Holy cow-

    This is so true… and needs to be seen by everyone- conservatives and liberals alike.

    I’m tempted to steal it and post it on my site too.

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