Religous Right and Abortion

I discovered this comment on another blog. I read it with vigor thrilled someone else embraced my views to closely. …alas to realize it was a comment by me in response to the abortion issue being hawked on another blog. I put it here because 1. it is my view and 2. it fits nicely into the context of my blog.

I just wish the American voting population would get unstuck from this abortion stuff. We need to focus on what can save our country from ruin..but you so called religious fools just cannot let that one go. So no matter how the election goes we still have to contend with the background chatter of you guys and remain stuck in the mud we’ve been sloshing around in for the past 7 years. As for abortion it is inconceivable to me how anyone can speak in the same breath about abolishing abortion and turning right around and supporting the murders of war which we train our military to do, The military is one big killing machine. And no one knows when the soul enters the body!!! No one!!! So please get over yourself and stop screeching that line. And if you desire to not have an abortion as Sarah Palin did then have at it. But you will not whack me or any woman who disagrees with you over the head with your views!! If you criminalize it, we will do it anyway, illegally!!! No law has ever stopped it and a law will not stop it now. And we won’t be prosecuted for it either.. Ever heard of the good ole gals club!!!??? Please! Who do you think you are dealing with!?? So lets couch this campaign in the substantive issues which truly mar our nation!!!


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