The Toyota recall and US government regulation in America.

SO here we are in the era of screeching far right wing republican throwbacks exclaiming over and over that liberal demands to regulate any industry in the US is an interference in freedom, capitalism and consequently harms business. It wasn’t enough that our children were put at risk by products purchased from mostly unregulated China. Or that a flaw in gas tank position on certain model trucks or the faulty tires made in the US caused a number of deaths and maiming of US citizens. Their idea is that these industries can regulate themselves adequately. Duh!!!!!
So now we have the Toyota accelerator sticking problem. This is how it went! The accelerator mechanisms employed in the 8 models recalled were manufactured by two different companies. One is Japanese and the other American. Seems that only the ones manufactured in the US are defective. Those made in Japan are operating properly. What happened here?
My guess is that during the Bush/Republican years the US Highway and Transportation Board got a bit laxed knowing there would be no pressure from their leaders to do their job. So a lot of flawed equipment was not stopped from being placed into use because it would cost the industry more money to assure safety. Good business right?
Ah No-o-o-o-oo-o! So now we have a recall which has shut down numerous Toyota plants in the US leaving the plant workers without work and an income and numerous Toyota dealerships with cars they cannot sell thus requiring layoffs of many more US auto industry personnel.
You right wingers, Glenn Beck, Sarah Palin, Michelle Malkin, Anne Coulter, Sean Hannity, are so smart. If you had brains you’d be even more dangerous.

Notes: The announcement came nearly a week after Toyota suspended sales and production of eight models, including the top-selling sedans in the United States, the Camry and Corolla.
The problem has left dealers unable to sell many of the vehicles on their lots and millions of past customers unsure whether their vehicles are safe to drive. Several rival carmakers have been offering $1,000 discounts to consumers who trade in their Toyotas.
Sales figures being released Tuesday are expected to show that Toyota’s market share in the United States fell in January to the lowest level in four years as a result of the sales suspension and recalls, according to a forecast from


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