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Men Really Do Hate Women

Posted in Uncategorized on February 20, 2011 by americanexile

This morning the following list, all vetted with credible sources, was published on the Huffington Post.
Read them please. Just these 10 statements are slam dunk evidence of the degree to which male culture hates, disrespects and fears women. And who is to blame for these outrageous conditions? As much as I hate to say it, by and large women are …. and the reason why? Women have fully cooperated with their own demise as represented in the below 10 reasons.
I will start with 1:
1) Republicans not only want to reduce women’s access to abortion care, they’re actually trying to redefine rape. After a major backlash, they promised to stop. But they haven’t.

AmericanExile: Now let me just shoot right off the top here! If men were the victims of rape the “accused” would be executed forth with in the absence of a trial. There may be a period of torture first. And further if men got pregnant abortion would be held as a religious offering where the products of conception would be laid upon and rock, as often was done with sheep and lambs and sometimes children in the old testament.
I am convinced of this. There would be special gold “rocks” upon which to place the tissue mass and rare and fragrant oils would be poured upon it and ignited with some sort of eternal flame. There would be days, nay weeks, of fasting and drinking of rare wines until it ran out and the “hooch” bottles would be distributed. At some point women for hire would be brought in and the act of conception would be performed over and over in the hopes that more sacrament material could be provided at a later date.
And let us not forget that the guys would keep score and who ever had the most abortions would win!!

The only real explanation here is that we have a massive return of the old testament guys, all fools, who hate females so much that they disrespect them to such an extent. These guys actually see no occasion where abortion is a medical procedure to save a woman’s life or preserve the mind, soul and sanctity of a rape victim even if that victim is their own wife, mother, sister or daughter.

2) A state legislator in Georgia wants to change the legal term for victims of rape, stalking, and domestic violence to “accuser.” But victims of other less gendered crimes, like burglary, would remain “victims.”

AmericanExile: Maybe, as long as all convicted rapists, (including the guy who just admitted raping his 3 girls -The 5 Browns-is executed without trial before dawn tomorrow) are executed by hanging within a week of revelation.
This statement just further proves my point. How can any rational person unless they have a hate agenda toward a person or group support such toning down of retoric dealing with one of the most violent crimes ever perpetrated against another human being, unless of course you, as a male, consider females as less than human. As Jeanne Kilpatrick has so exquisitely demonstrated for the last 30 years in her “Killing Us Softly” work, once a group, whether it be racial, perceived enemy, gender is dehumanized in the mindset of another group, it makes committing violence against them easy and justifiable. That is what we all do, everyday, including me, to dehumanize those we do not like or trust or hate. This why we call or enemies terrorists, women chicks, peaches, etc and why blacks were once legally defined as only 3/5 human by the legislators, for many decades, in the good old USA, land of the free. It is also why men are often referred to as pigs. Only in this last case is the label justified!! As for the good guys out there, and I believe you are there, you are just as guilty of the crime of misogyny because when women are rhetorically put down whether in a dumb blond joke told by a buddy or a casual reference to a woman as a “nice piece”, or “fucking bitch” most always you stand in silence, without any hint of blow back. You are just as guilty as the true pigs in the ring!!

3) In South Dakota, Republicans proposed a bill that could make it legal to murder a doctor who provides abortion care. (Yep, for real.)

2 points here! One:go ahead and violate “innocent until proven guilty”. That will open the flood gate of random accusations and executions for justifiable homicide and taken to its fullest extent, justifiable anything.
Secondly: In the real world there is no proof that in the case of abortion that a crime has been committed. I know you bible beaters out there say that human life begins at conception because you claim the soul enters the undifferentiated tissue mass at that point..nice try but truth is you do not know. I don’t know either. That being the case no one knows when products of conception actually are a full fledged human being subject to the laws of our land. I certainly have an opinion about that. But using the yard stick of the uber right fundamental conservative I know you have not one hint of credible evidence to prove your point.
And I will make a third point that if you use the word of God (bible) One of the sacred commandments is “Thou shalt not kill”. Period!!!! God made no exceptions. So if you are a soldier or former soldier and have killed in war you have committed murder and should be prosecuted, tried and punished if found guilty. Preposterous? I’d say so but not so according to the logic of those who would support the legislation sited above. Better be care for what you hope for, or what you legislate for, because your wishes may come true and then it will be your d**k caught in the wringer!

4) Republicans want to cut nearly a billion dollars of food and other aid to low-income pregnant women, mothers, babies, and kids.

AmericaExile: I actually think this is a good idea! It is my opinion that this very entitlement is a root cause of so much right wing discontent. It is the reality of the welfare mom. And to those who wish I feel concern about the culture of child bearing females who become pregnant multiple times by multiple men bearing children they are unable and perhaps in some cases, unwilling, to support on their own, I do not!!!!
Birth control is so easy! It blows my mind that women other than forced rape victims, would have an unwanted pregnancy! Seriously????!!!
For those who are responsible adults, parents who work for and take care of their own and plan families in a responsible way, the actions of these welfare moms is such an outright slap in the face. The responsible folks, which are the majority, feel violated every first of the month when they bear witness in WalMart to the flood of welfare moms pushing their, 2 maybe 3 overflowing grocery carts with their noisy, poorly behaving children running all over, taking along for assistance their current deadbeat boyfriend/dad who often is a convicted felon out on parole. He is likely unemployed, living off her welfare income which is enhanced with each pregnancy and baby. This s**t pisses me off also. My opinion is that this is a justifiable grievance. Because this is witnessed on a daily basis by hard working Americans, black and white, who know that it is their own money that is supporting this shameful culture.

5) In Congress, Republicans have proposed a bill that would let hospitals allow a woman to die rather than perform an abortion necessary to save her life.

AmericanExile: WOW!! and women actually support this???!!! Fools! Just remember, as a woman this legislation can come right around and bite you in the buttocks. It is always okay to support something like this if you, as a woman, are so literally stupid as to believe you will never be subjected to this law, or your child or loved one. For a woman or even a man who claims to love his wife and family (including daughters), there may come a day when your life or the life of someone you love will be lost to the enforcement of such a law.
And I guess that also opens the door to other judgments for doctors to refuse care to others including me for some ginned up political reason. As I pointed out, you cannot call abortion murder if you can kill at will in a war, according to one of the sacred ten commandments, and when no one knows when the soul enters the body when the fetus is in utero, or even after birth. I think we all can agree there are plenty of souless indivduals out there

6) Maryland Republicans ended all county money for a low-income kids’ preschool program. Why? No need, they said. Women should really be home with the kids, not out working.

AmericanExile: No! No! Maryland Republicans. They should commit to having sex with men only when they wish and can afford on their own to become pregnant, have a baby and support it on their own. You see, it is like Gloria Steinem said years ago, and I paraphrase here: male and female relationships are like eggs and bacon: the chicken is involved but the pig is committed.
(I am shaking my head right now because if the past is predictive of the future then there is a glut of you out there who won’t get this comparison.)
But as technology advances and in vitro pregnancies become more and more common, and epithelial cell DNA can be used to fertilized the female ovum, which has already been done in animal models, there can be less and less involvement of the live male in conception to the point that it can be completely eliminated altogether. Then women can create the “boy toy” movement where the males are simply objects of female sexual satisfaction. And then there is the idea of the droid boys!!
I actually do not like the above scenario but if men don’t get with the program for full equality for women I could be convinced to support it. So there are two lessons here: 1. Yes, women should not be freeloading off the taxpayers by having children they cannot provide for and 2. no man is ever going to take care of you if you piss him off. So stop with the baby mill mentality. If you do then there will be no need as they say for a poor family preschool program. This is not rocket science!

7) And at the federal level, Republicans want to cut that same program, Head Start, by $1 billion. That means over 200,000 kids could lose their spots in preschool.

AmericanExile: I use the same points as stated above.

8) Two-thirds of the elderly poor are women, and Republicans are taking aim at them too. A spending bill would cut funding for employment services, meals, and housing for senior citizens.

Americanexile: Since we all may be subjected to the fallout of cutting benefits for the elderly I simply suggest the Republicans back off on this one because it may be you, your parents and further down the road your children who will be hurt by this. There is no shame in helping people in their declining years. This is vastly different from welfare for the young and able bodied who want a free ride off the backs of their often unwanted children and the rest of us tax payers.

9) Congress voted yesterday on a Republican amendment to cut all federal funding from Planned Parenthood health centers, one of the most trusted providers of basic health care and family planning in our country.
Ho-Hum! Planning a family is easy for women to manage without the help of a large government program which in many cases support the welfare culture. I say this from the spirit of realizing that women must break out of the idea that they have to be taken care of. I remember once my father saying he hoped I’d marry a good man who would take care of me! I was highly insulted, knowing full well I could take care of myself and in the long run not be beholding to some jerk I may grow over time to dispise. And I have lived such a life! I am 67 years old, never been married and have two beautiful adopted daughters. I am a professional health care provider with my own private practice. I own 2 homes and 4 automobiles. It can be done!!!!

10) And if that wasn’t enough, Republicans are pushing to eliminate all funds for the only federal family planning program. (For humans. But Republican Dan Burton has a bill to provide contraception for wild horses. You can’t make this stuff up).

AmericanExile: I stand on the single issue: Women must understand from all the evidence that abounds in the world (the Taliban being the current extreme), past and present, that only you can take care of yourself and your offspring and deciding to have offspring is 100% controlable in non violent acts of copulation. The best contraception is no intercourse unless the man is sterile, either by biology or choice. You women must get off your butts and stand firm at home and at raising your children. If you spouse fails to support your control over your own body then he will not support you at all.

Another quote from a campaign to discourage teen pregnancy: “Having sex with him will not make him love you and having his baby will not make him stay”.

The ball has always been in the court of women! Strategize with it and win this war on women.


It’s Our Consciouness, Stupid!!!

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The “God Game” according to Edgar Cayce is replete with moral reminders about the potential outcomes of selfish and parochial thinking. He reminded his followers to apply the principles of the “God Game” which was about expressing love for God in the form of unselfishly creating justice, equality and true respect for all the differences between races and classes. The idea was and is that by using these principles a new driving force for the world economy would be set into motion. This force would be couched in doing what was right for all people equally and this alone would, in the long term, set the economy on a correct course to prosperity for all. This has been referred to as a great “leveling” of opportunity and income.

Cayce warned over and over again that the only obstacles to peace and prosperity were imperialism, racism, religious zealotry and the greed of self serving elites.

Paraphrased from “The Coming Economic Collapse of 2006”, by Michael Wells Mandeville.
p. 37-38

The Toyota recall and US government regulation in America.

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SO here we are in the era of screeching far right wing republican throwbacks exclaiming over and over that liberal demands to regulate any industry in the US is an interference in freedom, capitalism and consequently harms business. It wasn’t enough that our children were put at risk by products purchased from mostly unregulated China. Or that a flaw in gas tank position on certain model trucks or the faulty tires made in the US caused a number of deaths and maiming of US citizens. Their idea is that these industries can regulate themselves adequately. Duh!!!!!
So now we have the Toyota accelerator sticking problem. This is how it went! The accelerator mechanisms employed in the 8 models recalled were manufactured by two different companies. One is Japanese and the other American. Seems that only the ones manufactured in the US are defective. Those made in Japan are operating properly. What happened here?
My guess is that during the Bush/Republican years the US Highway and Transportation Board got a bit laxed knowing there would be no pressure from their leaders to do their job. So a lot of flawed equipment was not stopped from being placed into use because it would cost the industry more money to assure safety. Good business right?
Ah No-o-o-o-oo-o! So now we have a recall which has shut down numerous Toyota plants in the US leaving the plant workers without work and an income and numerous Toyota dealerships with cars they cannot sell thus requiring layoffs of many more US auto industry personnel.
You right wingers, Glenn Beck, Sarah Palin, Michelle Malkin, Anne Coulter, Sean Hannity, are so smart. If you had brains you’d be even more dangerous.

Notes: The announcement came nearly a week after Toyota suspended sales and production of eight models, including the top-selling sedans in the United States, the Camry and Corolla.
The problem has left dealers unable to sell many of the vehicles on their lots and millions of past customers unsure whether their vehicles are safe to drive. Several rival carmakers have been offering $1,000 discounts to consumers who trade in their Toyotas.
Sales figures being released Tuesday are expected to show that Toyota’s market share in the United States fell in January to the lowest level in four years as a result of the sales suspension and recalls, according to a forecast from


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11 Jan 2010 _ I am taking a break from the usual political entries of the past. The landscape is such an abortion and speaks for itself that it is a waste of time and energy to comment on it. So I will do a movie review instead.
AVATAR – The new James Cameron film, in 3D no less! Saw it yesterday at a theater (non-IMAX) lightly outfitted for 3D. First, the 3D was so-so. I saw my first 3D film in the late fifties (The House of Wax) and “Avatar” by comparison is paltry at best. The story line is also weak. Same ole, same ole! Special effects were as usual. The rendered vs. real images can best be appreciated by the techno geeks but for the general audience, which I represent, there is scant spectacle. Having said that, the story line though weak was well developed, so well developed that my interest was firmly held for the entire 2 hours and 40 minutes. The unremarkable 3D did not detract, and the special effects (minus 3D) helped maintain the flow of the story without being just another overdone showcase for special effects.

And wouldn’t you know, it turns out that James Cameron is a romantic softie. The avatars while distorted and unattractive display a desirable loveliness. Figure that! Combining these two aspects (as done in the final scenes of the film) voila! a new creature is born! the whole greater than the sum of its parts, imbued with the grandeur of pure love.

But Mr. Cameron does not stray too far from the familiar. There are the usual boy-girl dynamics . such as the taming of the independent female by the gentle but dominant male, the male vs. male competition for the female and most obvious feature, the plight of the greedy, soulless bad guys ….. which BTW bear a striking resemblance to America today.

Lastly, and my personal favorite, is the spiritual message of this film. There is a God and the spiritual forces are seen as an interconnected energy among all that exists on Pandora. Soul is everywhere and all that counts. It is about karma and reincarnation. Survival is innocence maintained. It is the razor’s edge!

Final grade A+!

Kindly and reverently submitted by AmericanExile!

The American Idea

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In June of 2007 The Atlantic Monthly ran a feature, “The Future of the American Idea” in celebration of 150 years of the The Atlantic Monthly publication. The introduction was lofty citing famous intellectual and literary names of the past. The writers of this intro hail the Atlantic’s deep understanding of change as a prime reason for its longevity and endurance!
John Updike kicks off the ego trip with a salute to the rise of the individual. That only in this vast open, untainted land mass could the human bring forth and develop those traits, talents and creative attributes and allow for a the tolerance of a critical mass to create a culture free from “terrorism from above rather than consent by of the governed”. He extols the creation of this new entity as populated by people who “know their own minds and act in their own enlighten self interest, with necessary respect for others”. Now let’s stop right there!!!
First of all I find it very hard to go on and on about the virtues Mr. Updike lauds when really, it was out of extreme disrespect for the indigenous people of the North and South American continents that allowed the white foreign (European) invaders to exploit and run over these native people out of a well defined sense of superiority and greed, traits which we hold true to this very moment. So the truth is that no, there was no intellectual prowess at play among the early invaders or those born thereafter. Self interest? Oh yeah, in spades and more. Enlightenment? Hardly!!!
In conclusion, Mr.U cautions against the world’s poor, saying they have nothing to loose (does that mean they will invade us?), a ruinous depletion of of the worlds’ natural assets, global warming with world geopolitical change as a result. (Never mind that we’ll all be toasting!)
So here are my comments to Mr. U: you act as if these are problems of the “other” when in fact we (Americans)have depleted more of the world’s natural resources/assets than the rest of the world ( all countries combined). And global warming! Oh, Mr. U don’t get me started!!!!! If ever there was an effort to stoke the fires of hell then Americans have surely led the charge with un-wanton expulsion of greenhouse gasses. Its all junk science anyway. And what’s this scat “promulgated in a land of plenty”??? The American idea is grounded in the unscripted notion that we can do what ever we like, good or bad, as long as we do it off the backs of others!!! Such rubbish!!!! More later!

A New Spin on an Old Theme..Health Insurance

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The Sept 15 issue of Businessweek has a feature on healthcare. It’s called “Hospitals and Insurers Try Flat Fee – Again”. What is presented first is a maligning comment on managed care of the ’80s and ’90s. The unexplained complaints simply assume insurers are greedy, I suppose by denying subscribers their contracted benefits and in turn lousy healthcare as a result. I am assuming their explanation here. The idea proposed in the “new” plan, is very unclear as presented in this article. Example: in Massachusetts BXBS of Mass and Caritas Christi Health Care, the former an insurance company and the latter a healthcare facility/hospital, want to switch from insurance carriers paying hospitals for each service performed on a patient to flat fee per patient yearly, adjusted for age and illness. Now how would that actually work? Does the insurance pay this annual flat fee to a subscribing hospital at the beginning of each year for each pt who choses that hospital..meaning that the patient would have to go to that hospital if ill? Or if you break a leg does the insurance company pay a flat fee for a broken leg set? No matter if the cost of care should exceed this fee say if clot develops or some other complication occurs? The CEO of Caritas says by accepting a flat fee it will allow Cariras to offer cost-efficient care with an emphasis on preventing illness. Now just how would this work??? BXBS chimes in saying they can cut what they pay by 1/2 with flat fees.
Okay, so I see how if you tie the providing facility and the hands of providers down with a tested and found wanting contract, how the insurers would make more money. But does this even adequately support the healthcare facility and its many expenses in providing care??? Caritas claims it can be fair to patients and doctors with builtin safeguards to assure flat fees will please both. ….but the article does not explain how??? What kind of safeguards? None of this is explained. You cannot manipulate the true value of numbers… but I suppose you can hide their existance. One nonprofit executive says managed care is the only way to control costs. He states that the providers will have to work within the amount of money provided from flat rates each year. The resisters are stated to be the providers… that may be true but only specialists are singled out as the ones loathed to make the change because primary care would, I think, reduce the need for their services?? Is that true??? It is a question that needs answering, with proof, that is.
So then the article jumps off on the rise in the total cost of services blaming the rise on unnessary procedures just to pump profits.. What are these much maligned procedures and where is the evidence.? Seems to me that in this article there is no substance to back any of the accusations up… they may in fact be true but I certainly don’t see it. The article goes on to state that 1/3 of procedures are unnessary care. Oh really!!! And how is that??? And then they claim this produces quanity over quality citing incentives for docs and hospitals to produce more. This is a legitimate argument. But show how quality is compromised.
It seems that the safeguards set up in the new plan may be that the insurer pays a flat fee per patient and then walks away from the case. The docs and the hospitals can then order as many tests as they want (or as few), do as many procedures as they want or not..implying the quality of care will improve and waste will be reduced. This also elimnates the insurer bean-counters docs complain about so much in the current system. So, if the docs want more pay they will have to tighten their belt by eliminating services they may feel are necessary and of course those they are doing just to pump profits..and which services are those????. And here is the clinker: the undocumented assumption that quality will improve. It may indeed improve but there is no evidence in this article to truly support this, and the connections are not there. . Then bonuses will be given to those docs who come in under fees paid. Will care quality automatcially improve? Really? As for quality of care an example is given (a rather sideways one at best). It has to do w/ coronary bypass surgeries where the quality is measured by readmission rates. What?? That’s what they said!!! I find that connection bogus at best and mostly desperate.. In the example cited readmissions fell 44% under a capitation system where the insurer paid a flat rate for each operation. Well my question is does that number include those who didn’t make it (died) so were not around for readmission, and/or those who fell ill and were simply not readmitted and either got worse or better on thier own. If a hospital administator comes to a surgeon and says “You are readmitting too many of your cases, please stop or I may not be able to renew your contract in the future.”, what is likely to happen???? A no brainer!!!! Right? My hunch is the surgeon will think twice before readmitting. Do we really want this? And what about lab tests? Are unneeded test frequently ordered??? I don’t know. Surely in a teaching facility this is likely to happen. But this can probably be solved with centrally located electronic records, a much needed requirement in the healthcare industry. And did it occur to anyone that sometimes, I would guess often, tests are ordered to protect the doc against liability if a case doesn’t turn out well. I can just hear the mediocre attorney making a case out of “If only you had ordered a such and such test Mrs. Whoever would be with us today!!!” I doubt it would have much sway with a jury for the doc to defend himself/herself with a “The insurance wouldn’t pay for it” statement.
And finally the idea that fee for service fails to contain cost because it focuses on fixing problems instead of preventing them. And why do we continue to focus on illness and not prevention? This is a no brainer!!!! It is because illness is what comes the way of healthcare providers. The average person, and I include myself, simply don’t think about illness and prevention of much of anything when we/I are feeling well. Not smart I admit but healthcare only bubbles up to the surface when there is a problem. As I recall some managed care plans of the past, HMO’s, allowed for very low cost (to the subscriber) health exams and certain routine tests. It failed basically because of over utilization. Many more subscribers utilized this benefit than predicted. The providers were not being paid by the insurer nor the subscriber, combined with treatment that was severely discounted by the insurance carriers to the providers. So the providers began an internal triage of sorts rationing care to staunch the bleeding of resources they didn’t have. So how will flat fee plans enhance preventive care? It is beyond me!!! I think this poorly made argument is without merit when the untouched 800 lb gorilla in the room is the subscriber/patient. There is no place where the subscriber is held accountable for his or her health or lack of. How many studies have been done that measure patient noncompliance with recommended treatment, especially as it relates to containing costs? Take for example the man who refuses to take his HBP meds because it often reduces his libido…he claims he doesn’t feel bad and when he takes the meds he cannot get it up. And he doesn’t believe in the concept of HBP as the silent killer. And what about the proud, long term smokers??? And drinkers??? What about the young, upstart males who engage in high risk behavior…causing broken bones, lacerations, contusions, organ injury and on and on, who continue time and time again to continue the injury-risk behavior. And what about the guys who fight, with fists, knives and guns..all their injuries are preventable. Then there are the mentally ill who go off their meds because, again, their libido is affected. So here you have it as stated by me… 1. an industry of payers(insurers) who exist for profit to their executives and shareholders, profits and nonprofits alike, 2. healthcare providers who exist for their own means of providing for themselves and their families with some left over for the stress and risks (they take all the risks, by the way) and 3. the subscriber/patient who expects cadillac care and a freeride with no responsiblility beyond their insurance premiums. The only entity not required to take any responsiblity for reducing costs is the subscriber/patient.
So now the cycle has come full circle.
It never ceases to amaze me that when considering our current financial crisis no one holds the quality of services given by the providers of these services, yet when it come to healthcare, the most deeply personal of all human services, the public wants it all and holds the providers not only to the strictest of standards, but by God, resents every penny they earn albeit a fraction of the manager of their failed retirement fund. So as a final word I’d much rather pay my physician more and the hospital that maintains me more than to go “duh, okay” to the financial managers who bilked a large segment of our populice and are now residing on the beaches of the Bahamas counting the cash assets in their Caymen bank accounts. The financial mangers do far more to ruin lives, break families for far more money than a herd of physicians could do or ever have done. So do you want cash or do you want care?

Sarah Palin –

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Sarah Palin – John!!! What were you thinking??? Or better, were you thinking at all? Certainly Sarah Palin is a very impressive woman, quite a looker, has the resources to welcome a Down’s child without hesitation to her family. But as for possibly becoming second in command of our country..well she clearly is not qualified!! I suppose if your only interests are abortion and gay marriage well then she can do the Republican party’s bidding on that. But gee! in the larger scheme of things these issues are not even on the radar of those of us who are even minimally capable of critical thinking! Lets take the family values issue. She actively, as governor of Alaska, opposed sex education in the public schools of Alaska. She espoused abstinence as a practice or as an answer for the out of control teen sex/VD epidemic our country is experiencing. And how I hate to rail about her daughter’s out of wedlock
teen pregnancy, but gee Sarah you got your tit caught in a wringer on that one!! This entire issue is so-o-o-o disturbing to freedom loving Americans because Ms. Palin probably will not stop her authoritarian agenda of expanding this belief into laws that affects all Americans!! So where are the hallmarks of freedom in that? Where is the dimunition of big government/big brother the Republican/ social conservative/evangelicals preach on and on about?? Sounds as controling and misoginist as the Talibans drive to dehumanize muslim women. I know I have been shipped to another planet. And abortion. Again it is fortunate Ms. Palin has the resources to support a Downs child. Good for her..but she is clearly the exception and not the rule. Many women find , indeed many families find they are incapable for reasons ranging from poverty to mental and physical illness to support at any level a Down’s syndrome child … the immediately after birth care is manageable … for a while..but in time the burdon becomes far too great. Many times the child looses through benign neglect and the family looses through dispropotionate allocation of resources or parental abandonment.. at least one parent, usually the dad.
Not to be ignored.. when this offspring is an adult and if an unfortunate reversal of fortune occurs what then happens to this person?? A nursing home? An institution for the retarded, where risk is high he will be abused, mistreated, neglected..harmed in a way no person should be? So this leads to the so called “life” issue. It is a freakish twist of logic to oppose abortion for all, find sport in slaughtering moose and bears (all active killing), cheering her son off to war when he will be paid a wage to kill other humans, a form of sanctioned murder and in the same breath call yourself a pro life political candidate. Wha-a-a-a? AND this does not address the issue of the biblical conflict of Christian values stated in the commandment from God of “Thou shalt not kill!!”.. Period! God states no exceptions. (This 800 pound gorilla has been sitting on my shoulders for a life time!!!).
Ms. Palin is also the babe who rejects the clear science of global warming. Does she have a thought disorder??? Anyway she strongly supports drilling for oil in Alaskan wildlife preserves along w/ off shore drilling well within the currently enviornmentally restricted shorelines of the US. She sued the Bush administration for declaring the polar bear and endangered species caused by the loss of the animals habitat, the rapidly melting polar icecaps. She felt this act was an endorsement that the polar caps were actually melting which may just back into the reality of global warming which may then back into excessive carbon emmissions being belched from oil burning industrial plants and the millions of cars on the roads today.
And speaking of science, she rejects evolution and wants creationism ( her Christian type) to be taught in the public schools of Alaska and as governor she has strongly pushed that agenda.
This moves us to her stand on gay marriage. She opposes it of course. And why??? Well she must assume it is unchristian. Clearly she chooses to ignore the constitutional issue of equal do many of her ilk.
Now there is the issue of her using her office as governor to force the firing of a state officials for his mishandling of her sisters soon to be ex-husband. From facts garnered from a lengthy article in the Washington Post I am very aligned with her rage over her sister’s ex-husband behavior, the frustration she experienced with the commssioner who grossly mishandled the case (the one she later fired) and in my heart I am sorry this stroy is being showcased against her. BUT she should have been less bullish about it…. but I can relate on this one. Also the pregnant daughter… wow!! too bad!!! Such a nice appearing kid….but what about sex education here…… Sarah, not Bristol need to be hammered on this one. The Dems should not let this one go!!! Sex education is far reaching interms of prevention of 1. pregnancy 2. teen sexual exploitation 3. veneral diseases such as chlamydia, syphillus, gonnorhae, HIV, herpes, Hep B and C, all dreadful diseases. 4. Also not to be forgotton are the links between sex (prostitution) and drug addiction. This list can certainly be added to.
It is worth stating again Sarah Palin is no slouch. I do admire her guts. BUT the 800 lb gorilla remains firmly ensconced in the room. On the national political scene she is a scant featherweight. More later after I hear her speech tonight.!!!